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Sarah Reddyhoff

 Artist Educator
 Artist.  I work as a freelance artist.  I record the world around me in a sketchbook.  Some things happen  quickly, like a sun setting, a person running, then it's time to speed up, but its still possible to capture anything if you want to. My studio is full of sketches! 

On a larger scale I explore colour more deeply with pastels -  the colours are vivid and immediate and it's  exciting to throw new contrasts into a picture plane.  And when I draw I'm able to notice nature around me more clearly. 

 For  many years I've worked as a teacher in schools, for English, Art, Dyslexia and SEN, alternating with periods as a freelance artist, freeholder, and story illustrator .   However the interface of creativity and school became increasingly rather ragged  -  such pressure on outcomes and exams.  I qualified as Wellbeing Practioner, using drama, theatre and music as well as art in my practice. 
Ive been interested in and worked in the area of
Dyslexia for a long time and am developing resources for this. 



Welcome to the website.  I'm an artist and qualified wellbeing practioner.  







 As a figurative artist I explore different media, drawing and painting.  I don't use tech' much but that doesn't bother me. I feel a connection with the materials I use, water with water colour and acrylic, or oil, the brushes, the paper , canvas or the harder wall.  It is exciting to get into that zone and the discipline of getting the  materials to work for you. It has a historic context too,  way back to cave paintings.  

My outlets for art are 

  • murals

  • watercolour sketching and works on paper

  • pastel landscape and flowers

  • portraits

  • illustration

  • cartoons 



  • murals I prepare in a sketchbook before turning to the wall for focus on the new work.  I work in a creative space that's on my  own terms - without undue influence from advertisers or convention.

  • pastel landscape and flowers  Pastels give me a chance to work fast, and expressively with colour. 

  • watercolour sketching and works on paper I carry travel watercolours with me to record places and people. 

  • portraits  Portraits may be quick sketches or if a client wants an oil or acrylic portrait that  will be a number of sessions in the studio or at their home. 

  • illustratioThis gives me a chance to be inventive and use my imagination. 

Pastel work 2023 Kenya

PXL_20220706_Nosence workshop Karen.jpg
Saida Sanaipei Glorai Maasai Lady.jpg
PXL_20220715_151 Gloria Karen.jpg

Watercolour sketches



Karen Market, near Nairobi

Above: Recycling Artists' Workshop, with their  inventive and skillful sculptures. 


Left  'Maasai Lady' Saida Sanaipei has the best stall in Karen!  The fabrics and colours are beautiful.
I was made welcome, given sweet  coffee in both places.  Africa what a privelege to work there.  

2021-01-11_130126 Pont Colbert sketch.jpg
boats The Ship Lower Upnor_2021-08-04_075755_edited.jpg

Children's book illustration

spatt time .jpg
Canada mist cropped.jpg

Our Blue Planet


Portrait workshop

Portraits Crisis at Christmas 2011.jpg
Portraits Crisis at Christmas 2011 005.jpg

Children's workshops


Train fromMombasa


Erdington Special school


London Mozart Players 

Mussorski workshop 

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