Murals for Change 

Neglected streets

Empty malls

A patch of wall 

A dismal corridor

Doh ! 

Or instead let's  work together and create mural... 

And other art forms - poetry, music and stories develop from interactions around a mural.  There's lots of of creativity, sometimes just waiting for an opportunity share it. 


Although the Covid the situation has been at times impossible,  difficult  confusing. .-  I believe we have a way to show how to survive with art music stories and doing a creative thing. 


Diploma Wellbeing and Therapeutic Communication

with Children and Young People - Centre for Child Mental Health, IATE. UEL

Diploma SPLD  Specific Learning Difficulties OCR 

BEd Hons Degree Drama Froebel UEL 





To book or for general enquiries, see contact info. 


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Our Blue Planet