“Art should be something that liberates your soul, provokes the imagination and encourages people to go further.” This quote is from Keith Haring and his murals are so playful with the space. As an artist, a wall gives me a big space to make something happen.  Murals are community art and accessible to everyone.  Pass by or stop and look, take pictures. Art describes a moment of pause on our own journeys. A chance to consider something, in the moment. 

People say ' don't be scared of the white page...I love the white page, and white paint.  Before I start I like to feel unrestricted by the immediate world and get into a different zone.  A blank board helps this. 


Our Blue Planet


 If you are part of a community or group, I can work with you so together we create a mural.  We need space, outside, on

neglected streets, or inside in dismal corridors!  It's best to prepare the wall first.  I use water based paints as they're more environmental.  

I encourage creativity so projects are a starting point for individuals to find a voice.   The space around a work of art becomes interactive and non judgemental. It's not unusual for  stories poems and music to emerge around the mural concept. 



Please be in touch if you think you'd like a consultation, or an idea developed. 

Recent Projects and Workshops for Creativity and Mental Health :  


Wellbeing & Art sessions 

Women's Refuges

London Mozart Players school outreach 

Chiltern Open Air Museum

Book illustration

 Dyslexia and Wellbeing 


To book or for general enquiries, see contact info. 



Diploma Wellbeing and Therapeutic Communication with Children and Young People - Centre for Child Mental Health, IATE. UEL

Diploma SPLD  Specific Learning Difficulties OCR 

BEd Hons Degree Drama Froebel UEL