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Wellbeing and Art 

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

I have lots of experience working with children and young people.  Art has less boundaries than the conventional world in which we live and is an opportunity to explore what we feel and how things impact on us day by day.   I have limited spaces for one to one Art Workshops where emotional literacy is encouraged to  develop therapeutically, within a creative space . 

drawing IATE _edited.jpg


  • BEd Hons Degree Drama Froebel UEL 

  • Diploma SPLD  Specific Learning Difficulties, Dyslexia. CR 


  • Diploma Wellbeing and Therapeutic Communication with Children and Young People - Centre for Child Mental Health, Brittania Row, London  IATE. UEL

Painting as communication 

Pedagogy and what we do with it. 

Art for freedom of expression, how and what and when we want to share or keep to ourselves.  It's our choice.  

See contact page for enquiries 

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