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Welcome, and draw me a bird! 

I work as a freelance artist, I'm also a qualified Wellbeing practitioner working therapeutically with children and young people through creativity to develop self esteem and creative potiential. I believe that through drawings we can understand a bit more about what's going on for us and around us.  

The History of Art is wonderful and for murals I think about different artists to inspire me, like Braque, Chagall, O Keefe and Basquiat who play with space and time.  

The concept of freedom  is pretty important me, freedom of expression and a respect for the natural world. So I like to have a bird which flies or dives in and out of my paintings as a symbol of this.  


    murals   portraits    landscape  illustration


Portraits -These can bring a mural alive with expression. Also as I've drawn in pastel many people, young and old, it gets 2nd nature. But it's a challenge to get the likeness! On the left is a series of drawings in pastel. On the right is a mural part of a series of people who work in a city. 

The child on blue sky is for a new collaboration with a songwriter. I was inspired to paint this by Salgado's photographs of children of war.  



“Art should be something that liberates your soul, provokes the imagination and encourages people to go further.” Keith Haring 

Landscape - Just who is an artist and does not love landscape and flowers?

Illustration. Having worked so much with children and young people, a narrative with illustration is often how I interact, developing a story with pictures.  

Listening to children tell a story then mapping it out on a storyboard to get the sequence of events.  Working together. 

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